Package Design

This Award was for a package design I developed for gamers. A way to snack without getting hands or controller messy.

Below are my notes and sketched as well as renderings and final package mock up. My idea was chosen to further develop so I did a series of different renderings to see which pack type was best.

We decided to go with the paperboard carton. I created the spec, and after getting some feedback we decided to curve the package walls for the final mock up.

The second award I received was for working on a team to compete for the best idea for a new V8 closure. I did a series of sketches and renderings to support my team.

We tried to find easier solutions for both the single serve and multi-serve options. After many group meetings and discussions we presented the below renderings and our ideas for each design.

This design was the best out of all of our ideas. A way to ship a condensed version of the 96oz bottle into a 46oz bottle with a cap for adding your own water. This would enable the shipping of more product per pallet by removing the water from the product. Also an easier to hold container that is smaller than the current 96oz bottle.

Work Examples of Packaging Concept Renderings

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