Logo Design – Evolve Chit

This is my process for a new logo design I started for a client. Her business is called “Evolve Chit”. It has a lot to do with healing trauma and your journey of transformation. After talking with the client, I started a series of digital sketches, some similar to her old logo and some new ideas.

Original Logo
First round of digital sketches

After the first round, the client liked the flame lotus I sketched and we decided to go that way and add a butterfly. I liked the idea of the butterfly being abstract and rising from the flame lotus. I looked up some reference photos of abstract butterflies and began sketching.

I broke out my old light table and a pencil and began tracing and drawing. The light table made it easy to fold the paper and make the other side of the butterfly symmetrical. I sent over the rough sketch to see if I was going in the right direction. I got great feedback, and she loved how it was turning out. I scanned my sketch and started to draw it in Illustrator to get the logo closer to the final design.

We liked the idea of using chakra colors. Rising from the ground or root colors of red orange and yellow in the flame lotus, to the higher spiritual colors of green blue and purple for the butterfly. We track our progress through a presentation we both add to, and I put in a slide of a couple layouts of the new logo design.

I’m currently waiting on more feedback, but I’m excited to hear what the client thinks! Here is the latest version that I just added to the presentation for review.

After the logo design is finalized we are going to move on to creating merch for her brand. I’m excited to get her shop up and running. She has some really great ideas for designs. You can find her web site at www.evolvechit.com


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