Catalog Design – 3D Rendering

I have been learning a couple new skills and wanted to update my site accordingly. I recently took on 2 very big projects and have been happy with the outcome so far. Here is the final result, the process I went through is below.

Girl Scouts of Northborough Catalog

First being a Girl Scout catalog for my client Four Engines Apparel. I was able to put it together within 2 days, per the clients need. I’m happy with the way it turned out, and also glad I got to jump back into the program InDesign and refresh some dormant skills. I downloaded a free template to work with and made the edits from there. I also designed the logo and put together an order form that was supplied to me in Microsoft Excel. The client provided a basic spreadsheet and I spruced it up a bit with some design elements. I added this to the back of the catalog for ordering. I also photoshopped the final logo design on all of the products. Once the product files were ready it was pretty much just laying everything out in a simple style that the client wanted. One last touch I did was photoshopping an interesting cover for the catalog that incorporated my client and the new logo design for the Girl Scouts of Northborough.

Below are some process photos of the work I did for this project. The logo design is first followed by reference sketches from the client. Then finally the pages I did to layout the catalog:

Favorite Fishing 3-Sided Displays

The second big project was for 2 3-sided displays for Favorite Fishing. I usually use the program Cinema 4D to complete their renderings. Since I no longer have access to that program, I was able to adapt with the newer rendering program, ESKO STORE Visualizer that I use for work at Campbell’s Soup. The way we use STORE is typically for corrugated board and food packaging such as cans, bottles, and pouches ect. It was a rough start, but the more I worked in the program the easier it got. I was able to generate CAD files for each display part. I created over 100 working files for this project. Having to dissect each part from a pdf, convert it in CAD to scale, then importing it into STORE, then photoshopping the graphics to import onto each part. I ended up buying a fishing rod model from to speed up the process since the client needed both displays rendered the next day for a 9am meeting. I worked all through the night to make sure everything was complete and ready for my client. I finally finished everything around 5am. I even incorporated green panels for the graphic designer to drop in final graphics onto the graphic panels.

Check out some of the final renderings below:


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