Logo Design & Door Graphics

PA Foot and Ankle Associates Design

I completed another logo design, this time for the Pennsylvania Foot & Ankle Associates. Here are photos of the current logo design…

I also completed door decals for the client. We had a bit of back and forth deciding on the color of the text. Due to the white blinds, the current text they had would disappear. They suggested doing grey, but that still didn’t have the level of contrast to make the text really pop the way it should. After showing them the new logo design, and suggesting the blue color as a good contrast to the blinds, they were super excited to see it. I created a quick mock up file to show the difference and we agreed blue was the best way to go.

I ordered the decals and set up time to complete the door. My first time removing and installing myself! I used a wide blade to remove the current signage, and gave a quick clean wipe down with Windex. Once the door was nice and clear, I used my level and painters tape to finish hanging the new signage. I was very happy with the results!

I got feedback from the client, they loved the new logo and door design! They have been receiving many compliments on the new door decals and logo. They want me to do the other office door as well!

Here is the next door! 🙂

I completed the other door….its a little hard to see at night.


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